About AI HealthLink

We are an Artificial Intelligence company that specializes in turnkey solutions for healthcare. Our in-depth knowledge of AI and Healthcare enables our clients to successfully use AI for more effective operations, decisions and organizational impact.

AI Healthcare Success

We help healthcare organizations integrate AI solutions so that they can achieve accurate health predictions, reduced risk, lower costs, and improved profits.
Our turnkey solution enables you to make accurate predictions to improve strategic business decisions, processes and outcomes.

Highly Accurate Predictions with AI

AI HealthLink was born out of the frustration with how data is collected and understood through traditional methods.

Before AI, predictions were based on opinion, consensus and tests with statistically significant numbers. With AI, predictions can be based on events in real time, using large sets of data to obtain highly accurate predictions.

Our 6 Core Principles:

Focused on Healthcare

We are specialized in healthcare and machine learning. That enables us to speak both the language of healthcare and machine learning and understand the technicalities, behaviours, systems, and governance that must be taken into account with specific healthcare solutions.

Turnkey Solution

Healthcare organizations need a solution which is tailored for their needs, but they don’t want the time and expense that comes with something that’s custom built from the ground up.

Effective Data Gathering Processes

With any data gathering process, it is essential to know what data that needs to be collected and have an understanding of the meaning of the data. Additionally, policy and process needs to be created to ensure highly accurate data collection.

Linking of Healthcare and Machine Learning

AI needs to be formulated correctly. The right healthcare concepts need to be recorded in the right way. The right information must be presented properly to get the best decision or outcome. It’s essential for there to be expertise in incorporating AI into healthcare systems.

Rapidly Adapting to Changing Environments and Behaviors

Within healthcare the behaviours of patients, providers and institutions and their environments are constantly changing. In order to implement AI effectively over time, these changes must be taken into account in order to obtain accurate predictions. We work with our clients over time so that we can make modifications when they are needed. We develop systems that in an ongoing format can incorporate new data so that we can be relevant to the changing world. This incorporation of new data and insights must be done in order to make accurate predictions.

Accurate Predictions for More Effective Operations

Our goal of working with our clients is to collect meaningful data that can be analyzed to create accurate predictive information that can impact organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

With AI solutions from AI HealthLink, healthcare organizations can optimize existing processes in ways never imagined before.

If you are a Healthcare Company and you want someone who can speak the language of healthcare and AI, and has specific use cases that can be carried out, let’s talk.